Soft Mount Shock Absorption M3 Rubber Damper Balls for Flight Controller

Get Soft Mount Shock Absorption M3 Rubber Damper Balls for your Flight Controller. Our factory produces high-quality rubber damper balls for optimal performance. (Note: The SEO description should ideally include the product name, highlight key features and benefits, and mention that the product is produced by a factory for credibility and quality assurance.)
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Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
  drone gimbal
It is mainly used to eliminate the high frequency vibration of different frequencies generated by the aircraft during the flight, which is what we commonly call jitter. The image quality caused by the jitter is unsatisfactory, so it is particularly important to reduce the vibration phenomenon in the shooting process. This ball should be used in conjunction with a vibration damping frame or a vibration damping plate!
The shock-absorbing ball has a reasonable design. Like a spindle spring, the vertical displacement can be 6-7mm, basically continuous compression, without sudden changes.
1. A single load bearing weight of 100g, a single resonance elimination ratio: 170Khz vibration absorption 90%, 120Khz absorption 82%, 85Khz absorption 60%;
   2. Two load-bearing weights of 150g, two resonance elimination ratios: 170khz vibration absorption 88%, 120Khz absorption 88%, 85Khz absorption 78%;
The mounting hole reference is a 9mm diameter circular hole shock absorber ball with the thickest part straight through 17mm

Product Name Aerial Photography Silicone Damping Ball Flight Control Damping Pad M2M3 UAV Damping Ball F4/F7 Flight Control Damping Ball
Manufacturers supply GOPRO silicone rubber shock-absorbing ball, Wizard 3 shock-absorbing ball, flight control rubber shock-absorbing pad
Material silicone rubber
Color Black, Red, Green, Brown, Grey, White etc.
Specification   0.5-710mm
Hardness 30-90 Duro Sh-a or Irhd
Application Machinery, Industrial Component, Electronic Product, Vehicle, Household Appliance
Soft Mount Shock Absorption M3 Rubber Damper Balls for Flight Controller Solid Anti-Vibration Rubber Shock Absorber Dampening Silicone Ball
silicone vibration damper ball
Customized High Quality Anti Vibration Damping Ball for UAV
Anti vibration rubber damper vibration damping ball


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